Miss E – Presh!

Everyone please meet our precious little Miss E.  Oh, I had so much fun with her!!!!  Her images are so soft and cuddly.  You just want to protect her from all harmful things… you know what I mean?  She slept so well for me.  I must say this is one of the most complete set of images from a newborn session.  Some bean bag poses,  then some prop poses and some shots with mommy and daddy.  I strive for this during every session… but you know babies are unpredictable and it doesn’t always happen.  Thank you so much for cooperating, Miss E.  I’m so glad I got to meet you!  Must thank mommy Niamh for that!  Hope to see you again sometime!NewbornPhotographer002 NewbornPhotographer003 NewbornPhotographer004 NewbornPhotographer005 NewbornPhotographer006 NewbornPhotographer007 NewbornPhotographer008 NewbornPhotographer009 NewbornPhotographer010

And here’s the lovely birth announcement!NewbornPhotographer011