Mr A – Funky Hair Divo

Ok.  It’s a bit unfair to dub Mr A as Funky Hair Divo (as he has perfectly normal ‘hair’), but it’s only fitting as his older sister is our original Funky Hair Diva!!  It’s still a bit too early to tell if he has the sister’s diva-ness.  But keep watching this space, we will follow him throughout his first year!  No matter what, Mr A is already my perfect little divo.  He was very cooperative during the session and so easy to work with.  Thanks mommy Valerie for the great time and an opportunity to work with your family again.  I look forward to the rest of the year with you guys!BabyPhotographer002 BabyPhotographer003 BabyPhotographer004 BabyPhotographer005 BabyPhotographer006 BabyPhotographer007 BabyPhotographer008 BabyPhotographer009 BabyPhotographer010