Miss C – Asian Princess

So, I brought Miss C to one of my favourite spot at the Waterfront Promenade… and suddenly I found a whole section all the way to the right that I never knew existed!!!  Nice to venture out further and discover new areas!  I thought Miss C had the features of an ancient northern Chinese princess.  I don’t know what it is, but I just got that feeling from her.  Anyone else feel the same?  Anyway. Miss C was a star.  She was so pleasant to work with and gave me so many brilliant smiles, it was really hard to pick the photos for this blog post.  Thank you mommy Joyce for a great time!

Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer002 Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer003 Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer004 Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer005 Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer006 Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer007 Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer008 Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer009 Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer010 Hong_Kong_Baby_Photographer011