The T Family – Colourful and Fun!

Back in January, I had a fun afternoon with the T family!  Lil brother was easy to warm up to but big brother, as he is bigger,  was a whole different ball game! I totally needed to change up my strategy!  Mommy and Daddy took time off their busy schedule to join the session and even Grandma came to join!  They were so cheerful and happy, I think you can sense it just by looking at the images.  Thanks mommy Michelle for a great time!

Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer002 Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer003 Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer004 Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer005 Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer006 Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer007 Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer008 Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer009 Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer010 Hong_Kong_Family_Photographer011