Miss K – Chirpy Chirp

Ever have that weird feeling… where you are so happy to finish a project but sad that the project is ending at the same time?  I get this way every time I have the last session with my Baby’s First Year clients.  (see Miss K’s past sessions here, here and here) I mean… I’ve watched them grow! I almost feel like a semi-parent!  We bond over many ‘firsts’ and our lives are forever connected through those memories!  To suddenly have to say ‘Bye’ and potentially never see them again… is EXTREMELY SAD!! :(  That aside, we had a really great session that morning!  Since Miss K had just turned 1, we celebrated the milestone with a wonderful Cake Smash!  I loved how Miss K was super polite with the cake!  She obviously enjoyed it and couldn’t get enough of it, but she approached the cake with the grace of a true lady.  Thanks mommy Ivy for such a great year!  I do hope I can see you guys again soon!

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