Miss S – Cheerio

Everyone meet Miss S.  I had the honor of photographing this family with big brother Mr M a couple years ago.  I was so happy when mommy Cherie contacted me for another photoshoot with the arrival of the new baby! I love seeing families grow and I feel like I’ve been so blessed in life to be part of many families instead of just my own.  Miss S is the ultimate cheerio bean!  Her smile is so addicting, just keeps you wanting more!!!  And gotta love a baby that loves their fingers, each and every one of them.  :D  Awesome.  Thanks mommy Cherie for a great time!

Hong-Kong-Baby-Photographer002 Hong-Kong-Baby-Photographer003 Hong-Kong-Baby-Photographer004 Hong-Kong-Baby-Photographer005 Hong-Kong-Baby-Photographer006 Hong-Kong-Baby-Photographer007 Hong-Kong-Baby-Photographer008 Hong-Kong-Baby-Photographer009