Ms M – Legally Happy

Hi, my name is Linda, and I have a confession to make… I get really excited whenever Ms M contacts me for a photoshoot! This was our SEVENTH photoshoot together (check out some here and here) and I’m so honored to be a little part of this family!  Ms M has a background in law and I just love how everything is clear as a bell with the highest efficiency possible.  She is always enthusiastic about our sessions and even though our original location of the Mt Austin playground was completely infiltrated with fog, we were able to just pick up our bags and change location on the spot.  Love it.  We ended up at Hong Kong Park and we loved the great variety of backdrops!  Thanks Ms M for the great morning!  I can’t wait to meet the little one soon!!

HongKongMaternityPhotographer002 HongKongMaternityPhotographer003 HongKongMaternityPhotographer004 HongKongMaternityPhotographer005 HongKongMaternityPhotographer006 HongKongMaternityPhotographer007 HongKongMaternityPhotographer008 HongKongMaternityPhotographer009 HongKongMaternityPhotographer010 HongKongMaternityPhotographer011