The Y Family

Here at Cheeky Monkey, we don’t let anything dampen our spirits.  Not even the crazy fog that permanently lingers at the peak.  We had a great time with the Y Family at the Mount Austin playgrounds.  I quite like it there, there’s a bit of grass, and some architecture, then the playground.  Makes a good variety for a photosession… when it’s not so foggy!  We focused the session more on the family this time, rather than just the bump.  Everyone got a bit of spotlight and I think everyone had fun!  Thanks mommy Mon for a great time!

hong-kong-family-photographer002 hong-kong-family-photographer003 hong-kong-family-photographer004 hong-kong-family-photographer005 hong-kong-family-photographer006 hong-kong-family-photographer007 hong-kong-family-photographer008 hong-kong-family-photographer009 hong-kong-family-photographer010