Miss M – Sweetie Pie

I guess more than a few month’s time passed since we last saw Miss M!  This is our last session and, for more reasons than one, we have had to postpone many times.  It felt great to finally be able to complete our project together.  And since so much time has passed, it was like meeting an old friend again!  Miss M is still super sweet and makes me melt everytime she smiles at me.  We brought her to the beach and it was her first time playing with sand.  She had no problem with it and dove right in!  It was a hot morning at the South Bay Beach.  But it was nice to have a short and sweet ending with Miss M.  Thanks mommy Cindy for the whole year of happiness!  Hope to see you guys around soon!

hong-kong-baby-photographer002 hong-kong-baby-photographer003 hong-kong-baby-photographer004 hong-kong-baby-photographer005 hong-kong-baby-photographer006 hong-kong-baby-photographer007 hong-kong-baby-photographer008 hong-kong-baby-photographer009 hong-kong-baby-photographer010