Mr M – Lion King

Not long ago, I photographed Ms W – Smarty Pants and her beautiful bump.  Her baby arrived recently and I went to have a happy session with them.  Everyone please meet Mr M – a future king!  Due to various reasons, our session was shortened that day… however, we still managed to snap some good poses of Mr M.  For example, this Lion King shot with the crown.  He only held this pose for about 30 secs, then the king decided he wanted to roll over.  30 seconds sounds very little, but in actuality, I only need 1/500 secs to capture this one shot.  It was all good fun and laughs that morning.  Just want to say a big thank you to mommy Wendy for giving us the opportunity to hang out and get to know your family.  :D  THANK YOU!


And of course, there’s a lion king announcement.