Miss A – Mini Astro

Mini Astro… sound familiar?  We had Astro Boy, and Astro Girl… and this is their youngest sister the MINI Astro girl!  They all look so similar, it’s so adorable!  This session is the first of four sessions this year… we are excited to spend so much time with the Astro family! Loving having sessions with this family! They are so laid back and fun, I always leave them with a smile.  It was Mini Astro’s 100th day!  Great that we could commemorate it with a photoshoot.  She was so good to us, hardly made a peep!  Might be because she was getting sleepy tho… as she fell asleep while we were having the noisiest family shots.  Thanks mommy Flora for having me again!  Can’t wait to see Mini Astro again!