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Mr I – Cuddly Bear

Had great fun with this cuddly bear a couple months back.  Mr I had the most beautiful eyelashes and he loves a good cuddle!   Can’t you feel the love through the lens?  His parent’s absolutely adore him and you can’t help but want to join…

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Miss M – Her Royal Highness 2

Awww… How Miss M has grown!  She’s gotten even chubbier!  How yummy does she look?!  We did several sequel shots to the newborn ones and since big bro Mr C had one with the red stool show above, I will show you this series!  Isn’t…

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Miss A – Mini Astro 2

It’s been 3 months since we last saw Mini Astro, she’s growing ever so much and just so adorable.  Our session date coincided with the siblings animal dress up day at school.  Naturally all costumes were out and therefore mommy couldn’t resist dressing up our…

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Mr J – Superbaby 3

I was on a roll with happy smiley babies!  My third session with Superbaby and I have never seen him so smiley!  Crawling around super fast have his room finally renovated, think Mr J is just happy to be in his wonderland!  He loves to…

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Mr K – Laughing Buddha

Check out that green wall in their home!  Love how just a simple colour can make the whole session pop.  Everyone meet Mr K!  I haven’t had such a happy baby in a while!  He laughed at everything!  It was so easy to capture his…

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