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Mr I – Just Darling 3

Another 3 months and our little darling is now sitting nicely.  I arrived in the morning to find myself photographing Mr Cool the pilot!  He was so adorable and I loved that I get to hang out with big brother Mr N as well.  Sometimes…

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Miss C – Lovely Lady 2

Never lacking of any fashionable accesories (as evident in our last session), I had a great time with Miss C again.  She was starting to be more interactive and would give me more smiles and emotions!  Yes, one of these emotions was crying, but other…

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Mr J – Puppy Eyes

*melt*  So adorable.  I can see him having groupies following him around when he grows up!  Look at those eyes!  And those cheeks of course, but those eyes are definitely here to stay.  Mr J’s mommy was a lucky raffle price winner and we had…

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Mr C – Buddha Face

Awwwww….. I love a square face baby!  Check out Mr C’s cherubs!  He was such a darling during our photoshoot, I had a really good time with him.  Mommy and Daddy were also super chill, which always makes a session even better.  I loved Mr…

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Miss A – Mini Astro

Mini Astro… sound familiar?  We had Astro Boy, and Astro Girl… and this is their youngest sister the MINI Astro girl!  They all look so similar, it’s so adorable!  This session is the first of four sessions this year… we are excited to spend so…

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