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Mr J – Cheeky Surfer Boy 3

Remember our surfer boy?  (see his last session here) He’s grown so much and is now standing and fully mobile!  We’ve been wanting to complete this one year series for a while but our busy schedules kept on clashing.  Since we couldn’t have a full…

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Mr J – SuperBaby

YAY!!! Another baby for me to document throughout the first and most important year of his life!  Everyone meet Mr J – SuperBaby.  No, he wasn’t born with any super powers, but at 3 months old, he’s an expert on Tummy Time and he likes…

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Mr A – Funky Hair Divo 3

It’s our third session with little Mr A here (see last session here!), and boy has he grown!!!  He’s properly a little man now!  And hello! His older sister Miss A aka Funky Hair Diva, totally had a Vogue diva moment in the last picture. …

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Mr JW – Future Jock

Everyone meet Mr JW.  He’s so cool, he has 2 letters for his name!  He’s probably going to be one of those popular, sports team captain when he grows up! He even has a natural mohawk.  Cool right?  I enjoyed my session with Mr JW…

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Mr S – Luscious Locks

It might sound a bit creepy, but I couldn’t keep my hands off Mr S’s hair.  It was so soft and curly, and it felt really nice to run my fingers through it….. Along with there hair, Mr S naturally had perfectly long curly lashes! …

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