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Mr J – Cheeky Surfer Boy 2

Remember those super chubs when Mr J was just a newborn?  See how much he has grown!  He’s looking more and more handsome everyday!  Mr J is around 8 months old here  and good thing we scheduled a session because it seems Mr J will…

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Miss S – The Last Dragon

Hello world!  Let me introduce to you the last Dragon Baby – Miss S.  Just before the official arrival of the water snake, I had the great pleasure of spending the morning with this little chubbiness.  Such a cutie.  She slept so well and we…

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Miss C – Asian Princess

So, I brought Miss C to one of my favourite spot at the Waterfront Promenade… and suddenly I found a whole section all the way to the right that I never knew existed!!!  Nice to venture out further and discover new areas!  I thought Miss…

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Mr A – Funky Hair Divo

Ok.  It’s a bit unfair to dub Mr A as Funky Hair Divo (as he has perfectly normal ‘hair’), but it’s only fitting as his older sister is our original Funky Hair Diva!!  It’s still a bit too early to tell if he has the…

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Miss E – Presh!

Everyone please meet our precious little Miss E.  Oh, I had so much fun with her!!!!  Her images are so soft and cuddly.  You just want to protect her from all harmful things… you know what I mean?  She slept so well for me.  I…

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