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A Birth Story Part 3 – Delivery

With all the natural methods of inducing labour seen on my last post, things started to move really quickly after that.  Mommy J’s contractions started to get more intense and closer together.  The midwives were all moving quicker now and I can tell you that…

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A Birth Story Part 2 – Active Labour

Our last blog post was all about early stages of labour.  Mommy J was super chill and relaxed, enjoying every moment of pampering and love from her family.  After about 3 hours, her doula (Hulda from Annerley), decided that maybe she was too relaxed!  It’s…

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A Birth Story Part 1 – Early Labour

Early last week, I was lucky enough to document a home birth for the first time.  Lucky, because birth photography is something I’ve always wanted to try, but with the limitations at Hong Kong hospitals, I never got to realise this dream.  I must admit,…

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Mr A – Lifestyle Newborn Session

Not all newborn sessions need to be sleepy. curled up and posed.  Those are cute, of course!  But I also love these lifestyle kind that tells stories.  Mr A here was about 4 weeks old when we had our session.  He did the usual newborn…

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Birth Photography in Hong Kong

I was lucky enough to be invited to a home birth yesterday!n  It was my first Birth Photography experience and it was amazing to say the least.  Here’s a sneak peek to my day yesterday.  Watch this space for more on this story!

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