Mr J – Chubs to the Lubs 2

Don’t know if you guys remember, a while back, we had the biggest baby thunder thighs, Mr J, when he was only a couple months old.  Now he’s a bit older, and back for more photos!  It was such a pleasure to see Mr J again.  Of course, he had gotten longer and naturally lost some weight, but as you can see.  Thunder thighs are still present.  I so enjoyed meeting his new friend the wombat.  Mr J is quite attached to him.  Thanks mommy Carol for letting me see Mr J grow.  Hope to see him again soon!

Cheeky Monkey Photography | Mr J – Chubs to the Lubs 3 - […] just always excited to meet old clients again and see how much the baby has grown.  Click here to see our past sessions! Secondly, I always love a good cake smash!!!  Surprisingly, although Mr […]June 24, 2013 – 18:01

Miss C – A Rabbit’s Birthday/Christmas Party

Yes… I’m so sorry.. I’m still playing catch up!!  Must be a bit odd to see a christmas party in March… But hey! We should always feel festive no matter what time of the year it is!

This was Miss C’s first birthday/Christmas party!  It was a big hit!  We had balloon artists, clowns and the older kids even got to visit the horses in the stables.  So awesome.  Our Miss C was a party pleaser alright!  Didn’t cry once, she was such a good girl.  I think she and her guests definitely had a great time!  I know I did!  Thanks mommy Cissy for the great time!

Miss A – A for Adorbs

So sorry for being MIA and leaving everyone with iPhone Fridays… I’m still catching up on sessions from December!!!  I promise there is a reason why I’ve been so busy lately, and you will all find out soon!

Everyone, please meet Miss A!  She belongs to our Bubbly Mama that I blogged about a while ago, and she’s just soooo adorable!  She slept so well for me we did so many poses for her!  She was born 3 days before Christmas and Mommy and Daddy had already told me they want photos relating to the festivities before hand!!  I’m very happy with all the shots from this session including all the prop shots and family shots.  I hope you like them too!

Alas! I Christmasy birth announcement!

F a c e b o o k