Make Kony Famous. One thing we can all agree on.

During the past week there has been numerous posting about this KONY 2012 video.  The level of viral reach was just too vast to ignore.  I finally took 30 mins to sit down and watch this eye-opening short film.

The message is simple.

The World’s Worst Criminal, Joseph Kony, has been abducting over 30,000 children in Central Africa for over 20 years.  He turns young girls into sex slaves and boys into violent soldiers for no particular cause.  By raising awareness of this most wanted criminal, we can help ensure that the funding for this operation stays intact, hopefully succeeding in his capture by the end of 2012.

Watch the video Here.

Please help spread the word by simply sharing the video above and help a great cause in stopping these crimes against humanity.

To show the support for this movement, Cheeky Monkey will be donating USD10 for every session booked this year.

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