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Mr. L – Super Curious

Announcing the arrival of Mr. L!  At 3 weeks old, he was too curious to sleep! His eyes were always wide open like spotlights and beaming around everywhere to see what’s up!  Eventually we got him to sleep and sleep he did!  Favorite prop I found in their home was the Peninsula box! He slept […]

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Odette Chan - Dear sis,

I love your baby as well as whole of your family ^^September 15, 2010 – 01:39

Mindy Metivier - Love the images Linda!!! And I LOVE your giraffe too!!! Too cute!!! Oooh and I love the mix of le Français et le Chinois on the annoucement!!! C’est tres cool!!!September 13, 2010 – 19:15

Mr. H – Top Model

Another one from our Baby’s First Year Collection, Mr. H here will easily be Hong Kong’s Next Top Model in about 18 years! During our session, he graced me with many natural poses and looks in his eyes that can win any ‘walk off’ with Zoolander!  Not to mention the perfect choice of outfit with […]

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Ms. T – the Colourful Mom

FINALLY!!!! A fully outdoor maternity session! I’m so happy that Ms. T chose to have an outdoor session on the beach and with the surrounding greenery.  Look how nice the colours came out!!! Despite Hong Kong’s torrential rainfall (we had to duck and cover a few times and wait out the pouring rain), we had […]

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Mr. S – Ikkyu the little monk

Not sure if you are familiar with Ikkyu the Little Monk – I myself was once compared with this cartoon character when I was a baby.  Generally it’s used to describe any babies with a round face, three chins and big eyes. Mr. S was exactly all that PLUS the shaved head.  Couldn’t stop giggling […]

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Mr. R – The Peanut One

Houston, we have a peanut one! But don’t let this little one fool ya, he’s got a big appetite! Mr. R was a hungry, hungry hippo.  Mommy fed him almost every 30 mins!! And you know what they say… what goes in, must come out… and out it came on my beige backdrop! HAHA! These […]

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