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Mr W – Just a little grumpy

So, you guys remember Mr T?  Check out how much he’s grown with us! He’s SOOOO cute and I’m so glad I got a chance to revisit him.  However! He isn’t the main focus of the session this time.  It’s his new little brother Mr W!  Equally cutie with the adorable chubby folds.   I really […]

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Cheeky Monkey Photography | The M Family - […] so priveledged to be able to witness a family grow from one little baby to a family of 4.  The last time I saw the M Family was when Mr W was only around 3 months old.  It’s so nice to have a session with the family […]November 10, 2014 – 11:03

Idy - Thank you, Linda! Look forward to our next session soon. IdyFebruary 7, 2013 – 18:42

Miss J – Little Monkey Chef’s Cooking Party

Had soooo much fun at this pizza making party!!! These children were all very well behaved, I loved every crazy, noisy, screaming minute of it!  Miss J here is obviously very popular at school!  She had her girl clique and the opposing boy clique, whom all love Miss J despite the fact that she’s a […]

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Mr C – Mini Camper

It had been another 3 months and it was time for my quarterly visit with our Mini Camper.  Super adorable this little one!  We had so much fun that afternoon.  Mr C showed me the playroom in his building, showing me all his favourite spots.  Then we had a quick banana break (his favourite!) and […]

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2012 Family Photo Days at AMC – Part 2

Did you guys enjoy the photos from Part 1 of the AMC Family Photo Days?  You did?!  Really?!?!   Oh, you guys gonna love these ones too then!  More Fun!  More Love!!  More snuggles!!  I dare you to tell me you don’t have a smile on your face after seeing these!  Enjoy! I’ll post some […]

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Cheeky Monkey Photography | 2013 Family Photo Days at AMC - […] while you are at it!  Want to see some photos from the past years?  Check out the images from 2012, 2011 and […]September 18, 2013 – 11:05

Miss M – Sweetie Pie

We had our second session with Miss M a while back and see how much she’s grown!  Ok, she totally looks exactly like big brother Top Model.  Don’t you think so?  Miss M was starting to sit quite well and I was very happy to have some of her sitting on the bench by herself […]

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Miss M – Sweetie Pie » Cheeky Monkey Photography - […] session with our Sweetie Pie!!! See how much she’s grown since we last saw her here!  It’s my second time at Park Island and I must say I’m quite loving it! There are so […]January 11, 2013 – 11:02

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