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Mr J – Chubs to the Lubs 2

Don’t know if you guys remember, a while back, we had the biggest baby thunder thighs, Mr J, when he was only a couple months old.  Now he’s a bit older, and back for more photos!  It was such a pleasure to see Mr J again.  Of course, he had gotten longer and naturally lost […]

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Cheeky Monkey Photography | Mr J – Chubs to the Lubs 3 - […] just always excited to meet old clients again and see how much the baby has grown.  Click here to see our past sessions! Secondly, I always love a good cake smash!!!  Surprisingly, although Mr […]June 24, 2013 – 18:01

Miss A – A for Adorbs

So sorry for being MIA and leaving everyone with iPhone Fridays… I’m still catching up on sessions from December!!!  I promise there is a reason why I’ve been so busy lately, and you will all find out soon! Everyone, please meet Miss A!  She belongs to our Bubbly Mama that I blogged about a while […]

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Mr W – Just a little grumpy

So, you guys remember Mr T?  Check out how much he’s grown with us! He’s SOOOO cute and I’m so glad I got a chance to revisit him.  However! He isn’t the main focus of the session this time.  It’s his new little brother Mr W!  Equally cutie with the adorable chubby folds.   I really […]

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Cheeky Monkey Photography | The M Family - […] so priveledged to be able to witness a family grow from one little baby to a family of 4.  The last time I saw the M Family was when Mr W was only around 3 months old.  It’s so nice to have a session with the family […]November 10, 2014 – 11:03

Idy - Thank you, Linda! Look forward to our next session soon. IdyFebruary 7, 2013 – 18:42

Mr D – Happy Dimples

First child I’ve met with the same name as Baby D!!!  And I think they’ve got some similar traits here.  First of all, their size – around the same age and totally in the upper half of the percentile.  Secondly, their cheerfulness.  And thirdly, their cute little dimples!! Mr D’s are super cute – two […]

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Miss M – Sweetie Pie

Third session with our Sweetie Pie!!! See how much she’s grown since we last saw her here!  It’s my second time at Park Island and I must say I’m quite loving it! There are so many areas and little nooks around that are perfect for portraiture.  If only I had more time to explore the […]

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Cheeky Monkey Photography | Miss M – Sweetie Pie - […] guess more than a few month’s time passed since we last saw Miss M!  This is our last session and, for more reasons than one, we have had to postpone many times.  […]July 9, 2013 – 11:07

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