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Miss Z – The Zzzleepy one

I know I said Mr. F had the longest and curliest eye lashes ever…. but Miss Z here might have topped the charts…  It’s like someone bought a pair of false lashes and stuck it onto her eyes! Take a look for yourself…  We had a little trouble getting Miss Z to go to zzz..zleep […]

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Mindy - I love, love, love her okole shot!!! I love the first 3 images too!!! I really need to attend a baby posing class!!! :)August 6, 2010 – 15:20

Mr. F – The Peeing One

You might not recognise Mr. F here, but you’ve definitely seen him before…. when he was still inside Hot Mama’s belly a few months ago!  Little did I know, back in June, that when Ms J’s baby came out, he would pee on me 8 times!! Despite the constant backdrop changing, cleaning, and swaddling… I […]

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Ms A – Funky Hair Diva is 1 Year Old!!!!!

My favourite baby has turned 1 year old! How did that happen?!? Doesn’t it make you proud to see her all grown up?? To complete her Baby’s First Year collection, we had some ‘studio-style’ portraits done for our diva’s last shoot.  See how she’s turned into a natural little model?  We had so much fun, […]

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Cheeky Monkey Photography | Mr A – Funky Hair Divo 4 - […] the DJ booth and behind the bar.  Mr A proved to be quite a mixologist!  Just like older sister Miss A, he also didn’t like the cake that much.  He poked at it a little and gave us the biggest […]January 20, 2014 – 11:18

Cheeky Monkey Photography | Mr A – Funky Hair Divo - […] normal ‘hair’), but it’s only fitting as his older sister is our original Funky Hair Diva!!  It’s still a bit too early to tell if he has the sister’s diva-ness.  But keep […]March 11, 2013 – 11:26

Mr. R – Disney Fun Birthday

WOW! If I was Mr. R, I would be OVER THE MOON!! You remember Mr. R, he turned  two last week!  When I walked into the Disneyland Hotel, I was instantly impressed with the service, the decor, the SIZE… everything was sooo nice.. just like it is in the fairy tales.  Although Mr. R was […]

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Mr. H – Sweetie Pie

Our 3 month old Mr H here is the sweetest little thing EVER!! I walked into the house and he immediately welcomed me with a big smile!!! My heart totally melted instantly!  It gave me so much joy capturing this family and witness the love that filled their perfectly lit home.  Thanks so much mommy […]

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