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Mr J & Miss P – Party Animals!

“Sexy and I know it”.  That’s Mr J and Miss P’s favourite party song.  We had it blasting in the background during our photoshoot! FUN!  Anyone recognize Miss P?  She was the little curious one from back in 2010! How time flies!  Now a big sister and more energetic than ever!  Mummy Louisa is a […]

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Miss A – Smiley Face

Miss A is baby photographer’s dream come true!!  Nicely plump and round, sparkly eyes, contented and easy to please! In the perfect utopia, all babies would be like her!! Of course we don’t live in the perfect world so when a cutie like this one comes by, you just gotta give credit where credit is […]

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Mr D – Easy Going One » Cheeky Monkey Photography - […] like to introduce everyone to Smiley Face‘s little brother Mr D.  Hello Mr D!!  Just like his big sister, Mr D was a delight to […]September 18, 2012 – 10:56

Mr J – Prince Charming

What girl’s heart doesn’t melt with this cutie smile.  Mr. J’s got my heart for sure! First of all, sorry for the lack of posts lately.  Just went through a move and only just starting to settle down.  Got my computer hooked up and organized.  Now I’m ready to be back on full swing.  I […]

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