Christmas Cards Special – Limited Availability

I’ve been getting some inquiries about Christmas Card specials lately, so since I’ve just finished with the AMC sessions (blog post soon!), I thought I would make a limited time offer for some last minute sessions with cards!

This is really the only time of the year that I ever offer a promotion, I figure it’s Christmas! Let’s celebrate! Have our Signature Portrait Session plus 50 folded 5×7 cards for only $5400!  (original price – $6000) Email us now as we only have a few spots available!

Cards order must be placed by Nov 23 to receive them by beginning of December.  Check out some sample card layouts below:

Miss C – Happiest Kid on Earth

Smiles after smiles after smiles!  My session with Miss C was so much fun! With a new baby on the way, mommy Alice wanted to capture Miss C alone first.  I’m sure Miss C enjoyed all the attention that day!  From her parents and her grandparents and me with the camera!  She showed me her stuff toys, her room, had storytime with her gramms.  She even showed me how to twirl in her dress outside.  Something quite romantic about these outdoor images.  LOVE.  Thanks mommy Alice for the great session!

Baby D – 1 year old!

My Baby D turned 1 a couple weeks ago!  Time flies!

He went from a tiny little this, this and this, to this, then this, and now… a big boy like this:

It’s been a roller coaster ride but I wouldn’t change a single bit of it!  Being a mom is great and it’s teaching me new things that I can apply to my photography everyday.

I will be going on super TURBO mode for editing the AMC sessions, after that I will be able to concentrate on individual sessions again!  Message us now to secure a spot before the year end! Only a few weekends left available!

Miss J – Classic Baby Girl

Not like Miss J from America’s Next Top Model! It’s Classic Baby Mr B‘s new little sister!  Adorbs!  Miss J is such a ‘healthy’ baby.  Her chubs win you over in a second.  I feel like she is even ‘healthier’ than big brother Mr B! :PAnd you know my foot fetish… check out Miss J’s toes!  Had a lovely morning with the family.  It’s also always nice to see the babies again after a few years.  I had no idea Mr B would have such curly hair! Love it!  Thanks mommy Nina for the wonderful time!  Would love to see if Miss J will get an afro!

Mr A – Little Prince

We love a chubby baby! And we love a HAPPY chubby baby even more!  Mr A, so easy going.  He was so patient with me and let me bring him around his house for shots.  The house was amazing! High ceilings, big windows, fresh colours.  Just makes you feel happy being there.  That’s probably why Mr A is such a happy bean.  He’s growing up in such a nice environment and have 2 lovely sisters to take care of him!  Thanks mommy Nam for a great morning!:D

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